Audrey A. Tucker received her Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from Central Connecticut State University. After working for several years as a database analyst and then a systems engineer, she attended the University of Connecticut and received her MBA. She managed a systems engineering team for several years. Having always been entranced with animals, she obtained her certifications as an animal behaviorist and dog trainer, starting her own company to assist rescues. She became a state appointed wildlife rehabilitator, expanding her work with animals to wildlife.

Some of the constants in her endeavors have always been searching for new things to learn, new things to do and new places to see. Throughout the years, she continued to dabble in photography. After getting her diploma in professional photography from the New York Institute of Photography, she realized she could integrate her technical savvy, business expertise, love of animals and passion for photography. She started Audrey A. Tucker Photography specializing in wildlife, nature and landscape photography. The company was initially based in Connecticut but moved to Florida in 2018.  Audrey continued her education receiving a diploma in Graphic Design from Ashworth College which has enhanced her creative imagery.

Her intricate studies of animal behavior supplement her talent for capturing epic wildlife images. Familiarity with an animal's behavior is key to capturing the unique moments that make a special photograph. Knowing her subject thoroughly has helped her to anticipate interesting behavior so she is prepared when the action begins.

Audrey is deeply passionate about the environment. Her work demonstrates this affinity with the natural world.

With an ever growing list of awards, her images are displayed in a variety of locations. Audrey’s photographs capture a moment in time that influence how people think, act and respond by using thought provoking images to speak for the animals and the environment.